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Fear... Fear, the name itself is recollective enough in nature as just by reading this word now may have brought back so many memories and incidents which were insurged with fear. Some of them great and huge and some so petty that you laugh remembering those.

Since time immemorial, this word 'fear' has made its presence felt through several ways/methods. Be it Exams, Working, Traveling, Farming, a thief getting caught or a breach in the security, national or international. Or of more human emotions like birth, the excitement, the growing years, parent's fear of how well their child will fare it's first day at school. Of a child's first day at playgroup or nursery. Or take for example the panic that shoots through us when even the simplest if the simple things such as forgetting a watch, wearing a mismatch tie or even worse, a slip of the tongue during a very important presentation.

Fear: this feeling, this emotion is everywhere. It is present even when we don't feel its presence in the act of caring. Yep! you read that right. Even in our innocent act of caring has a hidden feeling of fear. And even without our understanding, making its presence felt.

Nilesh’s Version

Fear is the sudden surge of panic in the face of the unknown. We all fear of one thing or another. But from where does this fear exactly originate/come from? The answer, our Brain. Yes! Fear comes under varying tags. Some are instinctive, some are learned, and some are taught. Now, imagine. Imagine that you are at your homr and suddenly all the lights goes off and all there is left is pitch blackness where you can’t see a thing. The sudden panic that grips you at the moment is fear due to the lack of knowledge. Despite being in a familiar place, you fear of banging your head into something, tumbling over something and most importantly, you have absolutely no idea where to put your next step.

In the presence of light, we see each thing in its proper place and hence gaining the knowledge of the placement and order of things. And in the absence of light, i.e. in the darkness, we lack the knowledge of the objects and their placement. And hence, we fear.